Our well trained teachers who speak English will give you systematic and understandable Japanese lessons using our original textbooks called “YASASHII NIHONGO”, at the beginners level. Our teaching method has been developed over 30 years, to help English speaking people learn Japanese as easily as possible. If you would like to study Japanese properly, please join us



What is the JLPT? The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is to certify and evaluate the language proficiency of primarily non-Japanese speakers of Japanese both in Japan and outside Japan in the world, by Japan Foundation since 1984.
The JLPT is getting popular among Japanese learning students to know their Japanese ability.
Over 500,000 people took this test last year in the world. Further details: http://www.jlpt.jp/ This Course’s aim is to pass the JLPT in every July and December.
It consists of @Writing-Vocabulary,AKanji,BGrammar,CListening,DReading.

*Minimum 10 hours *Textbook:\2,700 for Spoken Japanese Beginners level.
*Additional textbooks are required for other courses.

*Tuition fee for 10 hours is paid in advance every time.


Our Original Teaching Methods Have Been Developed Over 30 Years
1 LISTENING Listen to the teacher and the tapes.
2 UNDERSTANDING Translate the Japanese into English.
3 COPYING Pronounce the Japanese.
4 REPEATING Repeat it over and over.
5 USING Use the Japanese you have learnt.
6 CHANGING Substitute the words in the expressions.
7 SPEAKING Speak Japanese as Japanese people do.
We have made what we call " The 14 representative verbs", and "the 4 basic forms of verbs",
to help you master verb usage.
Once you know how to use "the 14 representative verbs", you will be able to use every other Japanese verb.
This is the original method of WNI, which you can not find at other schools.
Our material and curriculum are made in accordance with this method.
If you follow this method, you will feel your Japanese improving rapidly.

Original textbook

Our original textbook “YASASHII NIHONGO“ is written by our head teacher Akihiro Hirashima.
When he lived in Sydney, Australia for 8 years,he taught many Australians Japanese with this textbook.
This consists of dialogue, explanations, grammar and exercises to learn Japanese systematically as easily as possible for English speaking people.
Good school has good textbooks, doesn’t it?


S. Gallacher
I came to Japan from Australia with no prior knowledge of Japanese or Japan itself. My girlfriend recommended me to The World Nihongo Institute, where I completed the Intensive Beginners Course. I found the teachers to be highly organized, dedicated and experienced, with a sound knowledge of teaching Japanese to foreigners. The course itself was very well structured, easy to understand and offered valuable insights into Japanese mentality and culture.

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